M-1 Machine, LLC

The M-1 Machine nozzle significantly reduces cost associated with traditional fluid perforation and fracturing especially in horizontal wells.  Contact us today for additional information about our shrouded carbide nozzle.  

SHROUDED Carbide Nozzle‚Äč

* Patent 7,832,481,B2.

The patented* shrouded carbide nozzle was designed for down hole hydraulic perforation of the casing, cement and well formations prior to fracturing.  Incorporating fluid dynamics, the nozzle provides a significant improvement over previous nozzles for the reduction of "splash back" damage to the tool and nozzle.

The nozzle reduces wear to the tool and the configuration of the port makes for a faster, cleaner perforation to the liner, cement and formation decreasing perforation time per perforated zone.  Our shrouded nozzles and pockets are designed to preserve the integrity of the tool and nozzle giving more longevity to cut multiple perforations without tripping the pipe to rebuild or replace the tools, saving time and thousands of dollars per down hole trip.