M-1 Machine, LLC

M-1 Machine, Inc., established in 1988, is certified by many oil and gas companies to cut proprietary connections, to modify bits and bit equipment as needed, and to manufacture and repair packers, cementing equipment, nitrogen handling equipment, coil tubing tools and parts and well-head tree isolation equipment.   

We are the largest job shop machine shop in western Oklahoma. Our capabilities include CNC Hollow Spindle, manual hollow spindle, and all necessary equipment including taper and lead gauges to repair tubulars and crossover connections.  We are capable of mass parts production or one-of-a-kind prototypes.

We keep all customer blue-prints and other materials in a secured area at our location and treat all customer information with complete confidentiality.

Our well-trained and experienced work force, quality control policies and level of commitment to systematic quality have helped us build a solid reputation for precision engineering, manufacturing, repair and customer service in western Oklahoma.

M-1 Machine, Inc., continues to grow and maintain its strong tradition of quality, service, and respect for its customers and employees. 

As a CNC precision machining job shop, M-1 Machine, Inc. has served many industries (oil and gas, construction, farming, aeronautics, municipalities, electrical generation, etc.,) in producing a diverse range of parts from a variety of materials ranging from cold rolled steel to exotic alloys. Our facility is equipped with highly skilled machinists and welders capable of meeting all of your manufacturing needs.

Whether a single part, a small run that requires quick turn-around, or a long-term supply that needs to be scheduled, we have the staff and facilities to serve your precision machining needs.

Also, if your company needs test fixtures or specialty equipment built for the production of your product, we can help.

If you are looking for a quality machining resource that manufactures difficult parts on a daily basis, we can meet your needs.

We have an extensive background working with all steels, aluminum, copper, brass, lead, titanium, stainless, and plastics. 


Machining Capabilities

  • · CNC Hollow Spindle                          8 1/2 Bore, 32” swing, 120” centers
  • · Summit                                              12 1/4 hollow spindle
  • · Birmingham DL 26120                      4 1/8” bore
  •   Cobra 26" vertical band saw
  • · Putnam Vertical Turret Lathe            48” swing 
  •   Summit CNC Mill                               10 x 54 table
  • · Large Capacity Radial Arm Drill
  • · Large Milling and Drilling Capacity
  • · Sawing Capacity up to 20’ OD

· CNC Turning Center
· Prototype
· Mass production

· Stick, Mig, Heli-Arc
· Steel
· Stainless
· Aluminum